Nuestra Causa Marina - Three versions Yellow with escabeche, dark with olive octopus, and red with crab meat. 


Ceviche del Pescador Fresh pieces of fish, cilantro, ají limo, onion, sweet potato, lime, corn and crunchy corn.


Pulpo Rostizado Tender octopus marinated in ají panca sauce, native potatoes, grilled vegetables and covered with Andean chimichurri.


Quinoa Salad with Cultivated Vegetables Red, black and pearly quinoa, avocado, early vegetables, cochayuyo and cushuro. Well seasoned.  


Papa Bien Rellena con Ocopa y Huancaína  Made of white potatoes with tenderness. Stuffed with knife-cut beef and served with salsa criolla. 


Sopita Menestrone From broth concentrate. Beef brisket, vegetables from the south and Limeño-style pesto


Sanchochado Limeño Long-cooked, beef brisket, vegetables and tubers. 




Picarones Served with a syrup made of figs and brown sugarloaf.


Crema Volteada Made with egg yolks, evaporated milk, sugar, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon.

Lingote de Chocolate Made with 40% Peruvian cacao. 

Tartaleta de Manzana con Helado Masa Brisée con puré caliente de manzana y helado Artesanal de vainilla


Ají de Gallina Soft and creamy with shredded hen’s breast. Served with rice and boiled potato. 


La Cacerola de la Abuela Chicken stewed with wine, broth, vegetables, herbs and raisins. Served with rice and corn. 


Cau - Cau National meat cut, well-cooked beef tripe with spearmint, potatoes and ají amarillo. 


Lomo Saltado With the taste of many generations. Beef, soy sauce, onions, ají. Made in a wok, very smoky and served with rice with corn and fries. 


Locro de Pecho  Long-cooked. Beef brisket, canchán potato and spearmint. Served with rice with vegetables. 


La Pareja Perfecta  Mestizo dish made of dried potatoes seasoned with ají panca and pork. Served with yucca. 


Fettuccine de Ají Amarillo con nuestro Lomito Anticuchero  Fresh artisan pasta with juicy tenderloin and huancaína sauce.


Espaguetti al Pesto con Milanesa de Res   Basil sauce and breaded beef.​​​​​​​.  


Osobuco de Res con Polenta  300 grams and cooked for 5 hours. Served with polenta with butter.​​​​​​​


Arroz con Pato  Generous portion of duck, rice, black beer, vegetables, butternut squash and ground cilantro.